Tabletops to solid timber chair legs, all our woodwork can be built with FSC materials, and we always use environmentally friendly adhesives

Bent Plywood

Upholstery grade (raw) shells, in Beech, Birch or Basswood veneer cores

  • Veneer thickness from 0.6 – 1.7mm

Pressing size limitations; 

  • Parts of surface area no larger than 750 x 1200mm

Pressing and post pressing; 

  • EL or HF heated mould and pressing methods
  • Wood and aluminium tools and mould production – 2 and 4 ram press machines
  • Cooling racks
  • Manual edge trimming
  • NC machining, milling, routing, drilling, etc.
  • Manual sanding of pressed parts
  • Auto sanding of flat parts and veneers

Tabletop panels

Surface Finishes; 

  • Lacquered real wood or reconstituted veneers
  • Linoneum
  • HPL & Melamine

Core Panel Materials;

  • Birch marine grade plywood
  • MDF/HDF and particle board

Solid Timber

Various wood types availableTraditional carpentry joinery

NC or PU lacquer finish, or natural wax polishing

Upholstery Carcasses

Birch marine-grade plywood carcasses for sofa frames, CNC machine cut to precision, and tab-locked together for a perfect fit.