Project Description

Poppin – ODM case

Poppin came to us with an ODM project, their brief was simple:

A multi-purpose lounge chair with a horse-shoe shaped backrest, and sleek upholstery all the way to the ground. A light and space saving chair that could be used in collaborative spaces and informal meeting areas in an office landscape.

An initial design was completed in just 2 weeks, with a clear idea on how the chair will be produced, in which materials, and basic engineering details.

A prototype was then made and reviewed with the customer, several points and comments were made, ie. seat comfort, width and depth of backrest, and following this, changes were made. The first prototype was subsequently sent to a testing lab where it passed BIFMA X7.1 standards testing.

A 2nd prototype was made quickly, where all improvements and design changes were incorporated, this was approved by our customer and we could proceed with all production tooling, the form-press tools for the plywood shell and the moulded PU foam casing for the backrest cushion. As this tooling needed 20-30 days to complete, we focused our attention to the product packaging, engineering a carton that would live up to ISTA-3A transport standards, and the related stickers and packaging markings. Law and UL labels were designed and produced, and final sourced components and parts were verified and stocked.

5 production first-off units were then sent for another round of BIFMA testing, prior to us finishing the first production order. The Club chair is shipped to the US fully finished in consumer grade packaging per our customer’s wishes.

Original model

Final model

1st prototype-1

1st prototype

Final sample

Packaging design