For 2020 we continue to explore any means to reduce our overall environmental impact, and continuously improve in sustainable development.

We continue our research and development work seeking better materials and better environmental performance from our production facilities, our partners, and our products.

During the design and development process, we focus on selecting the right raw material from correct and registered sources, and using as much sustainable agricultural forests and plastics, as well as using materials that are already recycled where possible. We have started a project this year with the aim to use bio-plastics to replace form-bent plywood shells, this will use naturally available resources that were being previously discarded. We also engineer every component of any product to be easily dismantled at the end of the product life and recycled easily to reduce environmental loading.

Our effort to protect the production zone and offer a healthy environment for our workers is our highest priority. We have recently overhauled our wood and sawdust extraction system and have installed a circulatory filtration system in our glue line.

Nube is committed to ensuring its business activities are conducted according to all relevant standards and applicable legislation for corporate sustainability and responsibility. All business activities are at the highest level of ethical behaviour and we enforce a “zero-tolerance” stance against unethical and/or non-complying behaviour from its employees.

Since 2011, we have continued to set aside a percentage of our profits for local community organisations to protect and nurture the environment. We have planted over 7,000 trees so far, and funded the clean-up of our plant’s neighbouring waterway.

We look forward to continuing to work with our suppliers, customers and other interested people to reduce our environmental impacts, and to look after the interests of future generations.