What we do

We take complexity out of finished furniture production in China.

Nube is a high-quality OEM furniture manufacturer in China supplying international brands with finished collaborative seating solutions and chair designs across the globe.

We are a trusted production partner for our customers (brand owners) who require high-quality furniture at globally competitive price points, a responsive service, require western standards of management along with environmental and ethical responsibility.



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Background & profile

NUBE founders, Robert Chan (British) and Morten Stamov (Danish) coincidentally met in Shanghai in 2000 and discovered a common passion for designing furniture.


At the time Robert was heading up his own interior design company, Nube Design, creating luxury houses for Chinese celebrities along with a his own retail furniture shop selling Roberts´ own designs.

After five years in China from 1995-2000 working with design furniture sales, Morten went to live Copenhagen in 2000 and then Berlin in 2001 to complete an Executive MBA. It was from here Morten started to promote sales of stainless steel production capabilities to European companies and eventually this business outgrew the interior design business and became the main focus for Nube.

When furniture brands started to ask for more than just stainless steel products, Nube ventured into steel tube production and chrome plating, then form-pressed wooden seats, die-cast aluminum, plastic inject, and most-recently, upholstery services.

Nube now offer its customers (brand owners) to supply fully finished furniture, pre-dominantly chairs, lounge chairs and collaborative seating solutions, to finished stainless steel products like bio-ethanol fireplaces and industrial kitchen products.

Nube is solely an OEM producer i.e. we do not design or sell any owns designs.

We aim to be the preferred production partner for leading brands looking to produce quality products in China and for their markets in the Asia Pacific region and as well as export to North America.

NUBE Furniture (www.nubefurniture.com) focuses on:
OEM Chair Production (re-peat business for brand owners)


Our Vision

– We want to become the sole or largest supplier for our key customers
who are the market leaders in their product categories.


Steel frames have been used for chair and table bases for the better part of a century, this has been NUBE’s core business since 1999.

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Tabletops to solid timber chair legs, all our woodwork can be built with FSC materials, and we always use environmentally friendly adhesives

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Beautifully finished soft-seating, sofas, chairs, and collaborative upholstered pieces built to exacting international standards.

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Plastic chair shells and seats, and smaller furniture parts, well moulded and high value for cost.

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Nube Production (Wuxi) Limited
18, Antai No. 2 Road, Xishan District, Wuxi 214028, China
+86 (0) 510 8872-7599 

Nube Furniture Inc.
5421 E Olive Ave.
Fresno, CA 93727, United States
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